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VSF Veterantraffen 2018

Last update 29.09.2018 20:18:04, Creator/Last Upload: rickard dahlström

Starting rank

1Gustavsson Sture1710168SWE1972
2Svensson Leif 19401702459SWE1968
3Stolt Hans-Olof1720368SWE1918
4Koski Viljo1717553SWE1912
5Westerlind Sture1745654SWE1880
6Johansson Eva1724584SWE1840
7Sundqvist Jan-Ove1720414SWE1809
8Bratic Asim1720465SWE1802
9Tillman Jan-Olof1712080SWE1799
10Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1798
11Karlsson Gunnar1747630SWE1697
12Eklund Lars1737287SWE0
13Eriksson Olle1726056SWE0
14Frisk Kenneth1745930SWE0
15Hasselhuhn Hasse1753827SWE0