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1st Campomanes Memorial Cup Open

Last update 03.09.2010 09:07:37, Creator/Last Upload: philippines chess federation

Player overview for kaz

7GMKAZHGALEYEV Murtas2619KAZ11½½1½01½6,010100,70open

Results of the last round for kaz

Rd.Bo.No.NameBdldTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldTypGrFEDRtgNo.
947GMKAZHGALEYEV MurtasKAZ2619 ½ - ½ GMSO WesleyU18PHI26742

Player details for kaz

GM KAZHGALEYEV Murtas 2619 KAZ Rp:2622 Pts. 6,0
142IMTIRTO2360INA4,5w 10,820,18101,80
226GMGONZALES Jayson2435PHI4,0s 10,740,26102,60
314GMDING Liren2574CHN6,5w ½0,56-0,0610-0,60
424IMBITOON Richard2447PHI6,0s ½0,73-0,2310-2,30
522GMSHARAVDORJ Dashzegve2448MGL5,0w 10,730,27102,70
612GMGHAEM MAGHAMI Ehsan2585IRI6,0s ½0,55-0,0510-0,50
717GMLAYLO Darwin2522PHI6,0w 00,63-0,6310-6,30
828LOU Yiping2425CHN5,0s 10,750,25102,50
92GMSO Wesley2674PHI6,0w ½0,420,08100,80
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