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Pasi Korhosen 50-vuotismuistoturnaus

Last update 01.09.2018 18:21:12, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 7)

Starting rank list of players

5Molander Riku502120FIN2276SK ComeOn
9Norri Joose500160FIN2248HSK
4Sund Jan501735FIN2110VihdSK
10Pasanen Tuomo508063FIN2034I-HSK
7Hytönen Harri503240FIN2028I-HSK
6Sirve OlaviFIN2011I-HSK
2Pietinen Pekka502545FIN2007KäpSK
1Konttinen Timo508993FIN1925X
3Munukka Timo502723FIN1921ESK
8Puroila Sippo504572FIN1892X