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First Saturday GM September 2018 Dr. Rozsa Karoly Memorial

Last update 11.09.2018 17:40:20, Creator/Last Upload: tamas gyomber

Starting rank list of players

7IMKantor Gergely751499HUN2501
3GMTran Tuan Minh12401820VIE2491
5IMKozak Adam753246HUN2456
6FMTomczak Mikolaj1175114POL2427
8IMChakravarthi Reddy M25009532IND2415
2GMBelkhodja Slim600229TUN2413
1IMMulyar Michael2008742USA2374
4CMNguyen Van Thanh12402532VIE2366
9GMFarago Ivan700134HUN2362
10IMTran Minh Thang12401080VIE2337