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Paignton Morning Boniface

Last update 07.09.2018 13:53:18, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Abbott Mark V419664ENG178Exmouth
2Bryant Richard Be407267ENG174Oswestry
3Sanders Robert R453420ENG165Sudbury
4Clegg Robert425150ENG163Huddersfield
5Westrap Christian F453412ENG162Southend
6Siddall Dave416371ENG160Carlisle Austin Friars
7Gosling Brian Ge413844ENG158East Budleigh
8Walley A Clive453404ENG158Bath
9Dean Steve K422061ENG155Seaton
10Burton Ronnie408441ENG154Weymouth
11Moore Gillian A411175ENG154Southampton
12O'gorman Brendan419214ENG154Dhss
13Dennis Nigel W408913ENG152Maidenhead
14Coward Neil437590ENG148Blackpool
15Gamble Raymond J406066ENG148Spondon
16Key Eric A414212ENG148York Ri
17Mahoney Nicholas414700ENG143Barnby Dun
18Foley Phil T415871ENG141Upminster
19Pride Stephen C419680ENG138Cambridge City
20Roberts Malcolm A404578ENG137Holmes Chapel