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34th European Club Cup

Last update 24.10.2018 13:39:35, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

Team-Composition without round-results

  60. Caissa Chania CC (RtgAvg:1863 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 43,5) Captain: Fanis Mathioulakis
1Kalaitzoglou Panayotis2071GRE42024221,56,02104
2Petrakis Stylianos2000GRE42527640,56,01837
3Mathioulakis Fanis1856GRE42118801,06,01890
4Pelantakis Mihail1782GRE42947182,06,01959
5Tzagarakis Panagiotis1724GRE258060093,06,01994
6Fyntrilakis Kyriakos1746GRE42860304,06,02042