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34th European Club Cup

Last update 24.10.2018 13:39:35, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

Team-Composition without round-results

  37. SK Reval-Sport (RtgAvg:2262 / TB1: 7 / TB2: 132,5) Captain: Nestor Kaarel
1GMLadva Ottomar2500EST45000243,57,02482
2IMLiiva Riho2456EST45003002,57,02323
3Valner Uku2236EST45022055,57,02614
4Kukk Sander2235EST45020943,07,02301
5Nestor Kaarel2132EST45023454,07,02285
6Nahkur Madis2013EST45011872,57,02034
7Liebert Ervin0EST45140090,00,00