34th European Club Cup

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Team-Composition without round-results

  5. Valerenga Sjakklubb (RtgAvg:2672 / TB1: 11 / TB2: 219,5) Captain: Borki Predojevic
1GMCarlsen Magnus2839NOR15030143,56,02776
2GMHowell David W L2689ENG4106083,56,02736
3GMGrandelius Nils2655SWE17104003,56,02725
4GMTari Aryan2618NOR15100452,56,02578
5GMPredojevic Borki2616BIH9308494,06,02737
6GMRomanov Evgeny2614RUS41488434,57,02652
7IMChristiansen Johan-Sebastian2541NOR15126682,02,00
8GMLie Kjetil A.2537NOR15019842,53,02561