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Leyland Major 2018

Last update 27.08.2018 18:36:09, Creator/Last Upload: manchester junior chess (license 1)

Starting rank

1Whitehead Mark A406716ENG168Rochdale
2Burns Martin J420123ENG166Stockport
3Ashcroft Graham J438090ENG163Preston
4Clegg Robert425150ENG163Huddersfield
5Potter Karl H415758ENG161Syston
6Patrick David A468517ENG160Courier Halifax
7Siddall Dave416371ENG160Carlisle Austin Friars
8Potter Steven415626ENG159St Helens
9Gartside Carl429945ENG157Macclesfield
10Jones Neil T430099ENG156Maryport
11Davies Sam434990ENG155Tiger Chess
12Vassiliou Chris5901316CYP154Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
13Connor Michael I420654ENG149Great Lever
14AFMWinter Kevin421960ENG144Bradford
15Buckell David JENG135Clitheroe
16Ross Stuart427888ENG135Newport (Shropshire)
17Lamb Ian D20601409FRA132Bolton
18Llewellyn Alan M422479ENG123Barrow