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Superfinal Men Championship 2018

Last update 05.09.2018 15:05:41, Creator/Last Upload: 24120227 staratorzhskiy vladimir

Starting rank list of players

4GMNepomniachtchi Ian4168119RUS2768Москва
3GMJakovenko Dmitry4122356RUS2748ХМАО - Югра
9GMVitiugov Nikita4152956RUS2730Санкт-Петербург
1GMAndreikin Dmitry4158814RUS2710Рязанская область
11GMFedoseev Vladimir24130737RUS2707Санкт-Петербург
10GMTomashevsky Evgeny4147235RUS2702Саратовская область
8GMDubov Daniil24126055RUS2691Москва
7GMInarkiev Ernesto4162722RUS2690Москва
12GMKhismatullin Denis4142578RUS2634Республика Башкортостан
2GMKobalia Mikhail4119150RUS2619Москва
5GMSarana Alexey24133795RUS2613Московская область
6GMOparin Grigoriy24125890RUS2609Москва
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