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4th Asian Dragons Invitational Tournament-Open

Last update 27.08.2010 06:55:01, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank list of players

11Song JinwooKOR1970
8Mak Tong KuanMAC1822
5Liu Yeh YangTPE1818
6Ho En Tian MarkSGP1785
12Sia Xin Jie SelinaSGP1768
4Yang Wen ChinTPE1733
10Chen I-ChenTPE1699
3Jang JaewonKOR1640
2Hano ShinobuJPN0
1Lai Cyrus Ho- YeungHKG0
7Leung Ho AndrewHKG0
9Liang Yu HsiangTPE0