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FIDE World Junior and Girls Under 20 Chess Championship 2018 (Open)

Last update 17.09.2018 13:51:04, Creator/Last Upload: ismail caliskan

Player overview for ECU

121FMNoboa Kevin2256ECU0½00110½11½5,597204,00Open

Results of the last round for ECU

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
FMNoboa KevinECU22565 ½ - ½5 FMAgmanov ZhandosKAZ2379

Player details for ECU

FM Noboa Kevin 2256 ECU Rp:2268 Pts. 5,5
139IMSargsyan Shant2477ARM5,5w 020-4,40
281IMBashirli Nail2354AZE5,0s ½202,60
365FMMacovei Andrei2385MDA6,0w 020-6,60
486FMPigeat Alexandre2347FRA5,0s 020-7,60
5144Maltezeanu Stefan2089LUX4,0w 1205,60
6148CMZrikem Nassim2066MAR3,5s 1205,00
784FMMurzin Volodar2349RUS5,5w 020-7,40
8150FMAydincelebi Kagan2060TUR5,5s ½20-5,00
9146Caglar Ahmet Ata2071TUR4,0w 1205,20
1069IMMiciano John Marvin2374PHI4,5s 12013,20
1167FMAgmanov Zhandos2379KAZ5,5w ½203,40