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GRAND PRIX BALCANI - Festivalul International de Sah "M. Sadoveanu" - ed. a XXV-

Last update 26.08.2010 16:49:24, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMSanduleac Vasile2451MDA103b1153w1 22b1 10w1 30b1 2w½ 7b½ 9w1 4b½7,542,552,541,0
2GMMurariu Andrei2500ROU 43w1129b1 21w1 11b½ 31w1 1b½ 4w½ 10b1 3w½7,043,055,038,0
3GMJianu Vlad-Cristian2504ROU 47b1 36w1 13b1 7w½ 14b½ 35w1 10b½ 15w1 2b½7,042,555,037,5
4IMFilip Lucian2470ROU 70b1 41w1 16b½ 38w1 48b1 15w½ 2b½ 13w1 1w½7,041,553,537,5
5GMLupulescu Constantin2618ROU 71w1 96b1 31b½ 16w1 7b½ 20w½ 32b½ 48w1 14b17,038,048,535,5
6IMVedmediuc Serghei2438MDA 33w½111b1 53w1 17b0 73w1 50b½ 37w1 32b1 27w17,037,046,532,5
7IMDanilov Vladimir2429ROU121w1 39b1 34w1 3b½ 5w½ 17b1 1w½ 8b½ 12w½6,544,055,536,5
8IMArdelean George-Catalin2514ROU 45b1 54w½ 25b1 32w1 11b½ 19w1 14b½ 7w½ 9b½6,540,552,035,5
9IMBargan Sergei2331MDA134b1 74w1 12b½ 63w1 15b½ 30w1 11b1 1b0 8w½6,540,551,036,5
10FMUngureanu Vlad2362ROU 44w1 77b1 91w1 1b0 58w1 49b1 3w½ 2w0 20b16,539,551,035,5
11IMCioara Andrei-Nestor2427ROU 62b1 65w1 89b1 2w½ 8w½ 34b½ 9w0 56b1 38w16,539,050,534,5
12IMDrenchev Petar2514BUL 97w1 37b1 9w½ 30b0 54w1 90b1 23w1 14w½ 7b½6,538,549,034,0
13NMDoros Radu-Marian2331ROU 98w1 59b1 3w0 51b½ 68w1 56b1 50w1 4b0 33w16,537,048,033,0
14FMDragomirescu Robin-Alexandru2381ROU126b1 72w1 35b1 15w½ 3w½ 24b1 8w½ 12b½ 5w06,042,053,036,0
15GMBerescu Alin-Mile2465ROU101w1 49b1 23w1 14b½ 9w½ 4b½ 34w1 3b0 16w½6,042,053,035,0
16CMTaras Dan-Gheorghe2285ROU128w1 42b1 4w½ 5b0 51w1 27b½ 48b½ 41w1 15b½6,040,050,031,5
17FMPessi Emil-George2232ROU112b½ 80w1 46b1 6w1 18b½ 7w0 30b½ 60w½ 65b16,038,049,031,5
18FMPetre Nad-Titus2404ROU104w1 51b1 30w0 59b1 17w½ 26b½ 49w1 38b½ 28w½6,038,048,032,0
19FMPodgursky Sten2221MDA111w½ 33b½ 71w1 42b1 39w1 8b0 28w½ 57b½ 52w16,038,048,030,0
20FMTaras Iulian-Ioan2304ROU123w1 53b½ 68w1 50b½ 37w1 5b½ 38w½ 35b1 10w06,037,548,033,5
21FMHegedus Iuliu2326ROU108b1 27w1 2b0 65w1 36b½ 48w0 63b1 30w½ 60b16,037,048,030,5
22CMGarbea Bogdan2268ROU 79w1 52b1 1w0131b1 49w0 69b1 39w1 27b0 58w16,035,547,531,0
23NMBonte Andrei-Mihai2301ROU140b1130w1 15b0 72w½ 40b1 36w1 12b0 58b½ 49w16,035,545,031,0
24WFMTraistaru Teodora2180ROU 94b0 61w1 45b1 25w1 55b1 14w0 60b½ 31w½ 50b16,035,045,029,5
25IDan Silviu-Aurelian1927ROU157b1 57w+ 8w0 24b0147w1 58b½ 54w½ 90b1 57w+6,034,542,028,5
26WIMBulmaga Irina2258ROU 80b½117w1 40b0 92b1 78w1 18w½ 35b0 55w1 51b16,034,043,528,5
27IManole Stefan1927ROU151w1 21b0137w1113b1 90w½ 16w½ 89b1 22w1 6b06,033,042,531,5
28Chirpii Alexandru1964MDA 61b½ 99w½ 94b1 90b0 75w1 44w1 19b½ 89w1 18b½6,032,542,528,5
29IPavel Sebastian-Ionut1737ROU 89b0143w1 86b½ 46w0 45b1 72w½130b1 59w1 48b16,032,541,024,5
30Postolachi Viorel2142MDA 76b1 94w1 18b1 12w1 1w0 9b0 17w½ 21b½ 34w½5,541,052,533,0
31FMPetrisor Adrian-Marian2331ROU 66b1131w+ 5w½ 40w1 2b0 38w0 65b1 24b½ 35w½5,539,551,031,0
32CMStanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu2261ROU 64w1 68b½ 78w1 8b0 95w1109b1 5w½ 6w0 40b½5,538,549,531,0
33Abramciuc Marius1850MDA 6b½ 19w½ 41b1153w1 35b0 63w½129b1 36w1 13b05,538,548,528,5
34CMChifor Ovidiu-Emanuel2264ROU 84b1 55w1 7b0148w1 60b1 11w½ 15b0 50w½ 30b½5,537,548,031,5
35Ivanov Stojan Emilov2164BUL107w1100b1 14w0 69b1 33w1 3b0 26w1 20w0 31b½5,537,047,531,5
36IMPanush Viktor2109MDA 67w1 3b0101w1 91b1 21w½ 23b0 53w1 33b0 68w15,536,047,028,5
37CMStegariu Vlad-Ionut2098ROU 85b1 12w0 70b1130w1 20b0 55w1 6b0 43w½ 74b15,536,047,028,0
38NMCiobanu Aurelian2236ROU133w1 78b½154w1 4b0110w1 31b1 20b½ 18w½ 11b05,535,044,031,5
39IMihailescu Radu-Lucian2029ROU141b1 7w0 79b1 64w1 19b0130w1 22b0 76w½ 70b15,534,544,028,0
40CMTomici Stefan2037ROU122w1109b½ 26w1 31b0 23w0111b1 52w½ 95b1 32w½5,534,043,528,0
41CMAtimoftoaei Dumitru2086ROU124w1 4b0 33w0146b1 91w1 52b½ 42w1 16b0 69w15,534,043,526,0
42IHanga Wylly1963ROU105b1 16w0 99b1 19w0 64b½ 80w1 41b0128w1 76b15,534,043,025,5
43INastasa Robert-Radu1872ROU 2b0102w1 96w1 49b0129w+ 60w0114w1 37b½ 72b15,532,543,025,0
44IAfloarei Jenica1824ROU 10b0120w½ 61b½105w1148b+ 28b0 68w½ 86w1 90b15,532,542,523,0
45Ursu Ana-Maria W1894MDA 8w0125b1 24w0 99b½ 29w0150b1110w1112b+ 73b15,531,540,521,0
46IStegariu Alexandru2029ROU150w½110b1 17w0 29b1109w0115b1 95w½ 69b½ 71w15,531,039,526,0
47WCMGelip Ioana1884ROU 3w0 93b0141w1125b1 57w0116b1 92w1 54b1 56w½5,529,539,522,5
48NMMarinescu Mircea2208ROU 83b1146w1109b1 4w0 21b1 16w½ 5b0 29w05,039,048,531,5
49CMPop Alexandru2071ROU102b1 15w0 62b1 43w1 22b1 10w0 18b0 79w1 23b05,038,549,029,0
50IRatiu Cristian1912ROU146w½114b1 57w1 20w½ 89b1 6w½ 13b0 34b½ 24w05,038,047,530,5
51IEpure Claudiu2021ROU106b1 18w0 84b1 13w½ 16b0 62w½104w1 91b1 26w05,035,545,526,0
52Iovcov Valerii1960MDA 82b1 22w0 81b1 89w0102b1 41w½ 40b½ 61w1 19b05,035,045,026,5
53IArghirescu Andrei1984ROU120b1 20w½ 6b0 66w½ 84b1 70w½ 36b0126w1 62b½5,034,545,025,5
54ISava Bogdan2131ROU 93w1 8b½109w0111b1 12b0 61w1 25b½ 47w0101w15,034,544,525,5
55WFMVisanescu Daria-Ioana1897ROU135w1 34b0 82w1129b1 24w0 37b0 67w1 26b0 98w15,034,544,026,0
56CMPaval George2193ROU115b½112w1 63b0104w1 72b1 13w0 74b1 11w0 47b½5,034,044,027,0
57NMVaraciuc Vivian-Nicolae2202ROU118w1 25b- 50b0112w1 47b1 74w½ 78b1 19w½ 25b-5,034,043,526,0
58IMSolcanean Serghei2137MDA125w1 91b0 97w1100b1 10b0 25w½ 70b1 23w½ 22b05,033,543,528,0
59WCMLolici Iselin-Amanda1992ROU136b1 13w0 83b1 18w0 62b½117w1 90w½ 29b0103w15,033,543,025,0
60INagy Istvan-Attila2068ROU110w½150b1 90w½ 93b1 34w0 43b1 24w½ 17b½ 21w05,033,542,028,5
61IVintila Maria-Aurora719ROU 28w½ 24b0 44w½123b1100w1 54b0132w1 52b0 97w15,033,042,523,0
62WCMAnton Roxana-Ana1828ROU 11w0145b1 49w0122b1 59w½ 51b½ 77w1 73b½ 53w½5,032,541,523,0
63IToma Radu-Cristian2011ROU 92w½139b1 56w1 9b0113w½ 33b½ 21w0 72w½108b15,032,041,026,0
64ILupascu Matei-Alexandru1777ROU 32b0157w1 77w1 39b0 42w½ 68b½ 91w0100b1 95w15,032,038,522,5
65IIacob Ioan2002ROU137w1 11b0133w1 21b0132w1 92b1 31w0 75b1 17w05,031,541,027,0
66IStoean Robert-Renaldo1818ROU 31w0149b1 73w½ 53b½131w½ 77b½ 69w0 92b1 96w15,030,538,022,0
67ITiron Lucian-Ilie1702ROU 36b0 70w0138b0157w1134b1153w1 55b0132b1 91w15,026,533,018,0
68Bizovi Mihai1938MDA152b1 32w½ 20b0 80w1 13b0 64w½ 44b½ 84w1 36b04,536,045,024,5
69IStrugari Vasile1918ROU138b1 89w0105b1 35w0 81b1 22w0 66b1 46w½ 41b04,535,044,025,0
70IDobre Mihai1860ROU 4w0 67b1 37w0119b1 96w1 53b½ 58w0 82b1 39w04,534,044,523,0
71IAxinte Stefan1897ROU 5b0 85w1 19b0 76w½ 94b1 73b0115w1 83w1 46b04,533,544,021,0
72IMoraru Alexandru1986ROU149w1 14b0118w1 23b½ 56w0 29b½133w1 63b½ 43w04,533,542,025,0
73WCMMathe Katalin2050ROU 81b0 87w1 66b½117w1 6b0 71w1 79b½ 62w½ 45w04,532,042,524,0
74IAtomei Cristian1929ROU158w1 9b0 92w0118b1 93w1 57b½ 56w0 80b1 37w04,532,042,024,0
75WCMMorea Georgiana-Steluta1842ROU109w0122b1129w0127b+ 28b0 85w1 96b1 65w0 88b½4,532,041,521,5
76ICondurat Florin-Marian1727ROU 30w0135b1131w0 71b½ 98w½101b1 97w1 39b½ 42w04,532,041,021,5
77ILupu Romica2004ITA145b1 10w0 64b0 94w½114b1 66w½ 62b0 81w1 79b½4,531,540,521,5
78IMarinescu Stefan1932ROU156b1 38w½ 32b0154w1 26b0113b1 57w0 -0115w14,531,039,024,0
79IAcsinte Matei-Ionut1788ROU 22b0156w1 39w0 82b½155w1131b1 73w½ 49b0 77w½4,530,538,522,0
80IBulmaga Elena1768ROU 26w½ 17b0139w1 68b0146w1 42b0113w1 74w0119b14,530,038,520,5
81IDiaconu Constantin1661ROU 73w1 90b0 52w0121b1 69w0 98b½123w1 77b0111w14,529,037,521,0
82IIManghiuc Bogdan-Adrian526ROU 52w0140w1 55b0 79w½126b1 95b0153w1 70w0112b+4,529,037,020,0
83Mamaliga Laurentiu1744MDA 48w0144b1 59w0 96b0152w1100b½148w1 71b0113w14,528,035,519,0
84IGalateanu Calin1785ROU 34w0151b1 51w0152b1 53w0135b½147w1 68b0124b14,526,534,520,0
85IIAgache Gheorghe1694ROU 37w0 71b0159w1 97b0151w1 75b0105w½121b1128b14,526,532,016,5
86CMVartolomei Victor1967ROU139w½ 92b½ 29w½110b0115w0142b1111w1 44b0118w14,525,534,020,0
87IDamaschin Gheorghe1707ROU 96w0 73b0151w½139b1111w0144b1 98w0148b+126b+4,525,032,016,5
88IIacob Dorin1943ROU155w½147b½ 93w0133b1 92w0122b½118w1 98b½ 75w½4,523,529,521,0
89IParlog Stefan2192ROU 29w1 69b1 11w0 52b1 50w0 97b1 27w0 28b0 -04,037,047,527,0
90FMDominte Marian2276ROU117b½ 81w1 60b½ 28w1 27b½ 12w0 59b½ 25w0 44w04,036,546,526,0
91IGherasim Ovidiu1903ROU143b1 58w1 10b0 36w0 41b0107w1 64b1 51w0 67b04,034,544,024,0
92IZubcu Vlad-George1568ROU 63b½ 86w½ 74b1 26w0 88b1 65w0 47b0 66w0131b+4,034,044,521,5
93IBorsos Gabriel1708ROU 54b0 47w1 88b1 60w0 74b0129w0134b1103b0135w+4,031,540,019,0
94ITiron Calin-Andrei1736ROU 24w1 30b0 28w0 77b½ 71w0146b1100w½101b0145w14,031,039,518,5
95IUrsente Tudor-Alexandru1935ROU114w½146b0124b1115w1 32b0 82w1 46b½ 40w0 64b04,030,538,523,0
96CMAdam Ioan2109ROU 87b1 5w0 43b0 83w1 70b0110b1 75w0117w1 66b04,030,040,521,0
97ISandru Nicolae1885ROU 12b0119w1 58b0 85w1153b1 89w0 76b0133w1 61b04,030,039,521,0
98IGrigore Adrian1816ROU 13b0105w0134b½106w1 76b½ 81w½ 87b1 88w½ 55b04,030,039,518,0
99IHaulica Ioan1711ROU113w½ 28b½ 42w0 45w½104b½132b0116w½105b½134w14,029,538,517,5
100Gorbanovsky Oleg1911MDA159b1 35w0152b1 58w0 61b0 83w½ 94b½ 64w0120b14,029,535,020,5
101IDoros Doru-Lucian1855ROU 15b0141w1 36b0102w0154b1 76w0136b1 94w1 54b04,029,037,018,0
102IOlinici Emanuel1662ROU 49w0 43b0135w1101b1 52w0104b0103w0147b1143w14,029,036,516,0
103IRucsandescu Dan1851ROU 1w0127b½110w0138w1 -0106b½102b1 93w1 59b04,028,539,017,0
104IFrentescu Ioan-Adrian1827ROU 18b0136w½106b1 56b0 99w½102w1 51b0119w½107b½4,028,537,519,0
105ILupu Alexandru676ROU 42w0 98b1 69w0 44b0107w-140w1 85b½ 99w½133b14,028,537,015,5
106IIPascaru Alexandru-Arthur1631ROU 51w0121b½104w0 98b0141w1103w½108b0155b1132w+4,027,534,514,0
107IOloeriu Ioan-Catalin1735ROU 35b0114w0120w½105b+ 91b0149w½116b1104w½4,027,035,016,0
108ITamba Dumitru1816ROU 21w0116b½127w½137b½136w½114b0106w1135b1 63w04,026,035,018,0
109IMItkis Boris2436ROU 75b1 40w½ 54b1 48w0 46b1 32w0 -0 -0 -03,534,544,025,0
110IBalacianu Alexandru-George1661ROU 60b½ 46w0103b1 86w1 38b0 96w0 45b0131w½117b½3,533,042,019,0
111IUngureanu Mihai-Radu1753ROU 19b½ 6w0120b1 54w0 87b1 40w0 86b0122w1 81b03,532,543,018,5
112IIonita Ioan1754ROU 17w½ 56b0116w½ 57b0149w1148b½131w+ 45w- 82w-3,531,540,018,0
113IVasile Marian2132ROU 99b½115w1148b½ 27w0 63b½ 78w0 80b0114w1 83b03,530,540,020,5
114IIIAlexa Mirel-Gabriel416ROU 95b½ 50w0107b1132b½ 77w0108w1 43b0113b0127w½3,529,538,019,0
115Culiuc Maxim1738MDA 56w½113b0155w1 95b0 86b1 46w0 71b0149w1 78b03,529,036,518,5
116IINistor Stefan682ROU131b0108w½112b½140w1130b0 47w0 99b½107w0148b+3,528,036,516,0
117IFracassi Mihail1803ROU 90w½ 26b0150w1 73b0137w1 59b0135w½ 96b0110w½3,527,536,018,5
118IMoldovan Petruta-Alisia1740ROU 57b0159w1 72b0 74w0120b½138w1 88b0137w1 86b03,527,533,516,5
119ICiungan Diana-Alexandra1680ROU129w0 97b0144w1 70w0121b0151b1143w1104b½ 80w03,527,034,015,0
120IPacuraru Codin-Iosif1524ROU 53w0 44b½111w0107b½118w½123b0142w1125b1100w03,526,534,514,5
121IRusu Vasile1837ROU 7b0106w½136b½ 81w0119w1147b½ -0 85w0149b13,526,035,015,5
122ICusmuliuc Diana-Elena1657ROU 40b0 75w0143b1 62w0140b1 88w½128b0111b0146w13,526,034,015,0
123ITurcu Florin1812ROU 20b0134w1153b0 61w0142b½120w1 81b0124w0136b13,525,534,515,5
124IIPotomeanu Gheorghe1692ROU 41b0 95w0155b0135w0139b1146w1123b1 84w03,525,032,513,0
125IGhita Levi1726ROU 58b0 45w0157b1 47w0138b½154w1126b0120w0147b13,525,031,514,5
126WCMBotezatu Mirela1825ROU 14w0137b0145w1136b½ 82w0155b1125w1 53b0 87w-3,524,532,517,0
127IBors Mircea1673ROU153b0103w½108b½ 75w- -0134w0156b1154w1114b½3,524,531,013,0
128IPetriman Ion1808ROU 16b0152w0156b+147b0150w½137b1122w1 42b0 85w03,524,032,516,5
129IStefanache Mihail2082ROU119b1 2w0 75b1 55w0 43b- 93b1 33w0 -0 -03,032,042,520,0
130IAndrei Gheorghe1909ROU144w1 23b0147w1 37b0116w1 39b0 29w0 -0 -03,032,040,521,0
131WCMKovacs Ondina1963ROU116w1 31b- 76b1 22w0 66b½ 79w0112b-110b½ 92w-3,030,039,019,5
132ISchulz Carol-Iuliu1846ROU -0142b1114w½ 65b0 99w1 61b0 67w0106b-3,030,038,018,5
133IICenusa Mihai1767ROU 38b0138w1 65b0 88w0145b1136w1 72b0 97b0105w03,028,536,517,0
134IUngureanu Mitica606ROU 9w0123b0 98w½150b½ 67w0127b1 93w0140w1 99b03,027,536,512,5
135Rotariu Liviu-Iordache401ROU 55b0 76w0102b0156w1124b1 84w½117b½108w0 93b-3,027,535,014,5
136ICalin Alexandru1530ROU 59w0104b½121w½126w½108b½133b0101w0150b1123w03,026,534,015,0
137IAtodiresei Damian1545ROU 65b0126w1 27b0108w½117b0128w0138b1118b0144w½3,026,035,014,5
138Hrimiuc Mihai-Alexandru401ROU 69w0133b0 67w1103b0125w½118b0137w0142b½157w13,025,031,011,5
139IPasniceanu Iris-Stefania1495ROU 86b½ 63w0 80b0 87w0144b0124w0159b1151w½153b+3,024,529,59,5
140ITat Alin-Sebastian1809ROU 23w0 82b0149w1116b0122w0105b0144w1134b0155w13,023,531,511,0
141IManea Costin1634ROU 39w0101b0 47b0144w½106b0156w1155w½143b0154b13,023,531,09,5
142ISoare Flavius-Alexandru1665ROU154b0132w0151b½123w½ 86w0120b0138w½156b13,023,530,012,0
143Popa Adrian401ROU 91w0 29b0122w0149b0157b1145w1119b0141w1102b03,023,030,011,0
144Pohilenco Iurie401MDA130b0 83w0119b0141b½139w1 87w0140b0152w1137b½3,022,529,510,5
145ICraciun Ionut-Catalin1563ROU 77w0 62w0126b0159b1133w0143b0157w1153b+ 94b03,022,527,511,0
146Munteanu Alexandru401MDA 50b½ 95w1 48b0 41w0 80b0 94w0124b0159w1122b02,529,535,014,5
147IIRameder Carol-Sebastian599ROU148b½ 88w½130b0128w1 25b0121w½ 84b0102w0125w02,528,536,516,5
148IRadu Andrei1960ROU147w½155b1113w½ 34b0 44w-112w½ 83b0 87w-116w-2,526,033,518,0
149IBaciu Alexandru1525ROU 72b0 66w0140b0143w1112b0152w1107b½115b0121w02,525,533,011,5
150IZacordonet Dan1632ROU 46b½ 60w0117b0134w½128b½ 45w0154b½136w0151b½2,525,032,512,0
151Gimurtu Stelian401ROU 27b0 84w0 87b½142w½ 85b0119w0152b½139b½150w½2,524,032,59,5
152IIICapusneanu Claudia-Mihaela432ROU 68w0128b1100w0 84w0 83b0149b0151w½144b0159w12,524,028,510,5
153IBajenaru Leonard2078ROU127w1 1b0123w1 33b0 97w0 67b0 82b0145w-139w-2,029,039,016,0
154IIISoare Cristel441ROU142w1 38b0 78b0101w0125b0150w½127b0141w02,027,535,514,0
155IIICraciun Cristian472ROU 88b½148w0115b0124w1 79b0126w0141b½106w0140b02,026,033,512,0
156Amuntencei Mihai401ROU 78w0 79b0128w-135b0159w1141b0127w0157b1142w02,022,527,57,0
157Ghetivu Dan401MDA 25w0 64b0125w0 67b0143w0159b1145b0156w0138b01,024,529,54,0
158Dinca Ovidiu401ROU 74b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,031,540,50,0
159Murarita Vlad-Florin401ROU100w0118b0 85b0145w0156b0157w0139w0146b0152b00,020,025,50,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break