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79th Armenian CH The 1st League

Last update 22.08.2018 13:51:01, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

1GMHakobyan Aram13306677ARM2567
3GMMikaelyan Arman13304852ARM2526
4IMSargsyan Shant13306766ARM2515
2IMHarutyunian Tigran K.13303635ARM2509
9GMBabujian Levon13301993ARM2479
5GMHayrapetyan Hovik13302639ARM2469
14FMDavtyan Artur13308327ARM2404
6FMHayrapetyan Artavazd R.13304240ARM2395
12FMPoghosyan Suren13303201ARM2362
10Mkrtchyan Sargis R.13307878ARM2339
8Sargsyan Tigran R.13311328ARM2259
13FMGharibyan Mamikon13308300ARM2253
11Martirosyan Garik13306286ARM2251
7Hoghmrtsyan Artur13306685ARM2218
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