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Torneo Blitz Uach 2018

Last update 11.08.2018 02:46:38, Creator/Last Upload: ia enrique zaragoza

Starting rank

1Miranda Talavera Irving A5111560MEX2113
2Velo Arredondo Alonso5118794MEX2028
3WCMSalas Estrada Ana Paola5128889MEX1900Chh
4Salas Estrada Ana Valeria5127475MEX1647Chh
5Rubio Ramos Jorge Yadir5128811MEX1498Chh
6Carballo Jacquez Emmanuel5132495MEX1474Chh
7Bencomo Murga FranciscoMEX1448Chh
8Mendoza De La Torre EnriqueMEX1370Chh
9Alfaro Quinones Alejandro5135966MEX1246Chh
10Garibay Hernandez EmilianoMEX1236Chh
11Paredes Gonzalez Mario AgustinMEX0
12Ramos Contreras Ana ValeriaMEX0