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SS Manhem Chess Week GM-tournament 2018

Last update 17.08.2018 15:54:00, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

5IMChristiansen Johan-Sebastian1512668NOR2515
9GMRozentalis Eduardas12800023LTU2503
4IMGolubka Petro14114224UKR2478
7GMGritsak Orest14102188UKR2464
2IMJohansson Linus1711113SWE2457
8IMLindberg Bengt1700359SWE2416
3IMSammalvuo Tapani501115FIN2411
6FMVestby-Ellingsen Mads1520857NOR2409
1IMSchneider Stefan1703013SWE2399
10GMBrynell Stellan1700219SWE2391