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2018 Canadian Junior Chess Championship - U1300 Section

Last update 13.08.2018 00:08:22, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Lin EthanCAN1282ON
2Irfan InayatCAN1274ON
3Vellanki Naga SindhujaCAN1274ON
4Li AndrewCAN1273ON
5Odoemelam DanielCAN1260ON
6Zhang DanielCAN1237ON
7Qu Edison329218998CAN1201ON
8Xu AlexCAN1178ON
9Glinnyi DanyloCAN1154ON
10Darley PhillipCAN1141ON
11Ran SeanCAN1133ON
12Granic LukaCAN1131ON
13Tuong Truong CatCAN1131ON
14Ajith AarushCAN1123ON
15Wang Zhixing (daniel)CAN1119ON
16Ruchinskaya ValerieCAN1112ON
17Zhang CharlieCAN1094ON
18Fan HaoranCAN1085ON
19Mane Arnav2632705CAN1080ON
20Lau JoshuaCAN1038ON
21Cheng AdamCAN1032ON
22Chen AlinaCAN1022ON
23Datta RohanCAN1009ON
24Yang LarryCAN1008ON
25Min BaileyCAN1006ON
26Liao JodyCAN1004ON
27Chen VincentCAN997ON
28Cheng AdrienCAN997ON
29Xue HarryCAN993ON
30Ran AliceCAN979ON
31Liao AustinCAN971ON
32Wang Xiuqi (arthur)CAN968ON
33Cowan RyanCAN930ON
34Yao HenryCAN928ON
35Zhang EricCAN925ON
36Lin BrentonCAN905ON
37Xu XingeCAN889ON
38Wang SophiaCAN882ON
39Kaur EveleenCAN875ON
40Tseng BradleyCAN862ON
41Green HallieCAN861ON
42Jeyakumar MathushaCAN833ON
43Wang JadenCAN758ON
44Chen RaeCAN745ON
45Liao JocelynCAN743ON
46Zhu JeremyCAN728ON
47Johnson WilliamCAN727ON
48Thaver Zain GrayhameCAN721ON
49Fan EricCAN690ON
50Morin SatoCAN683ON
51D'souza CarinaCAN655ON
52Liu Henry (haichen)CAN649ON
53Gao HeyeCAN644ON
54Green AdielCAN638ON
55Sreekumar GauriCAN632ON
56Morin KuniCAN615ON
57Inozemtseva MilanaCAN605ON
58Wang YichenCAN602ON
59Joshi KeertiCAN521ON
60Sun FredCAN521ON
61Wang JessicaCAN521ON
62Joshi HaimCAN446ON
63Yang IsabellaCAN434ON
64Shi SeanCAN417ON
65Wu JustinCAN412ON
66Johnson KatelynCAN401ON
67Babayev ElmarCAN0ON
68Irfan SabiaCAN0
69Irfan ZakiaCAN0
70Lee Ronan19700679CAN0FO
71Pothupitiya GairikaCAN0ON