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Lipetzk - 2018 GM

Last update 11.08.2018 12:29:19, Creator/Last Upload: victor kalashnikov

Starting rank list of players

3Chebotarev Oleg4142586RUS2512
4IMAirapetian Gor4177916RUS2443
2GMAndreev Eduard14103400UKR2431
10FMKrylov Ivan24128066RUS2424
1FMSadovsky Artem4155840RUS2399
8GMBatyrov Sapar14000237TKM2395
6Bykov Oleg24198978RUS2383
9GMKhruschiov Alexey13900544MDA2373
5FMYashmetov Mikhail24198900RUS2365
7FMGrigorjev Iljya24159565RUS2314