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XVI Festival Scacchistico Internazionale " Città di Amantea " Master

Last update 14.09.2018 15:37:47, Creator/Last Upload: sepp1961

not paired

21Boucquet, Emile2176BEL*
41CMColucci, Stefano1874ITAbye
36CMCordi', Domenico2014ITAbye
27De Vleeschauwer, Maarten2141BEL*
391NGelardi, Davide1916ITAbye
20FMGromovs, Sergejs2215ITA*
33CMGueci, Laura2045ITAbye
30IMLantini, Marco2095ITA*
8GMLegky, Nikolay A2419FRA*
381NMarincolo, Piercarlo1954ITAbye
35CMPochyhaylo, Andriy2025ITAbye