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Namakwa Proewe O/14 Onder 14

Last update 04.08.2018 17:20:45, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Roesch SamuelRSA934Springbok
2Erasmus RudolphRSA894Springbok
3Williams EnriqueRSA781PS St Cyprians
4Julie WhaleedRSA693LS Ferdinand Brecher
5Van Der Walt PieterRSA630Springbok
6Raymond AshlinRSA586Kleinsee
7Roesch JoshuaRSA560Springbok
8Britz AllisonRSA500LS Ferdinand Brecher
9De Jager AnjaRSA500Kleinsee
10Joseph DeowinRSA500LS Ferdinand Brecher
11Damon KeatonRSA0Kleinsee
12Engelbrecht DeavinRSA0PS Concordia
13Farmer FranchescoRSA0Kleinsee
14Farmer NavinRSA0Kleinsee
15Fitzpatrick AmeecaRSA0Kleinsee
16Mikhael ChanteRSA0LS Ferdinand Brecher
17Ramsden LanrickRSA0Kleinsee
18Warne RyanRSA0Kleinsee