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Namakwa Proewe O/12 Onder 12

Last update 04.08.2018 17:12:52, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Saal KeshanRSA712PS St Cyprians
2Vaughan AnthonyRSA696Ps St Cyprians
3Cloete RushaanRSA566Kleinsee
4Mouton AnverRSA511PS Ferdinand Brecher
5Van Den Heever LeonardRSA505PS St Cyprians
6Prinsloo LeneRSA500Springbok
7Van Rhyn MarvinRSA500PS Ferdinand Brecher
8Claassens IzabellaRSA0Kleinsee
9Cloete JaydenRSA0PS Ferdinand Brecher
10Cloete MarkwinRSA0Kleinsee
11Cloete RevickRSA0PS St Cyprians
12Engelbrecht Lee-AstonRSA0PS Ferdinand Brecher
13Fortuin MarjoRSA0Kleinsee
14Landrew JahnickRSA0Kleinsee
15Links JaydeRSA0Kleinsee
16Maarman KihanRSA0PS Concordia
17Milford SheldonRSA0PS St Cyprians
18Osborne WentworthRSA0PS Concordia
19Prinsloo AnjeRSA0Springbok
20Raymond JaydenRSA0PS Concordia
21Sauls KeownRSA0PS St Cyprians
22Van Der Walt JacoRSA0Springbok
23Van Wyk JuanRSA0PS Cocordia
24Van Wyk ZaironRSA0PS Concordia
25Warne JordanRSA0Kleinsee
26Whitlow KylieRSA0Kleinzee