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Namakwa Proewe O/18 Onder 18

Last update 04.08.2018 17:08:31, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Van Der Westhuizen EttienneRSA1148HS Garies
2Witbooi Jesse ReeceRSA986HS Namakwaland
3Nelson DylanRSA821HS Namakwaland
4Mouton DeavandreRSA764HS Steinkopf
5Botha DuranRSA747HS Okiep
6Barnard ChristineRSA740HS Namakwaland
7Rooibaardt LorenzoRSA731HS Namakwaland
8Engelbrecht AbrushaneRSA719HS Steinkopf
9Cloete MatthewRSA718HS Steinkopf
10De Jager AJRSA674Kleinsee
11Maier AlexanderRSA649AIA
12Cloete SaskeahRSA540HS Boesmanland
13Hanse MonicaRSA533HS Boesmanland
14Christiaans UlricaRSA500HS Boesmanland
15Cloete BrumildaRSA500HS Concordia
16Cloete ShaneRSA500MAtjiekloof
17Koopman MathrineRSA0HS Boesmanland