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Namakwa Proewe O/16 Onder 16

Last update 04.08.2018 17:03:04, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Isaacs NontlahlaRSA910St Anna
2Vries RuwaylineRSA833PS Matjieskloof
3Engelbrecht DeaconRSA804PS Matjieskloof
4Meyer DwayneRSA801HS Steinkopf
5Yekwa InathiRSA734AIA
6Cloete OscarRSA700HS Steinkopf
7Meyer TyroneRSA682HS Steinkopf
8Engelbrecht JamealRSA660HS Steinkopf
9Maier AndrewRSA650AIA
10Maier QuintinRSA648AIA
11Flagg AndreaRSA601HS Concordia
12Williamson Logan KennethRSA588AIA
13Drage ElouiseRSA587HS Steinkopf
14Van Reenen KellyRSA566St Anna
15Fielding DamianRSA564LS Ferdinand Brecher
16Daniels ZhandrewRSA540AIA
17Cloete DamianRSA500HS Steikopf
18De Klerk MariskaRSA500HS Steinkopf
19Goedeman ShadeRSA500St Anna
20Jacobs ToschiaRSA500HS Concordia
21Muller ZadenRSA500HS Steinkopf
22Cloete CavlinRSA0HS Boesmanland
23Joseph FrancoRSA0HS Steinkopf
24Nyoka CornelRSA0PS Matjieskloof
25Ross Suzi-AnnRSA0St Anna