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Namakwa Proewe OPE OPE

Last update 04.08.2018 16:57:12, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Ngoma KhuthadzoRSA1315Black Mountain
2Cloete DudleyRSA1297LS St Cyprians
3Mojowane Ramasa GilbertRSA1144
4Rutledge RoderiqueRSA1090Royal Knights
5Mostert AltusRSA892Springbok
6Prinsloo Jan AbramRSA752SPringbok
7Windfield JeremiaRSA703HS Boesmanland
8Kardinal RicwilleRSA702
9Arendse JoshuaRSA542HS Concordia
10Coetzee HeinrichRSA0HS Concordia
11Van Wyk JualizaRSA0