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2018 John Blackburn Memorial

Last update 29.09.2018 05:11:47, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 11)

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Duma Sibonelo1461RSA 32w1 41b1 4b0 14w1 9b1 3w1 5b16,00,028,521,5
2Rooplal Desmond1629RSA 39b1 28w1 3b½ 9w½ 24b1 6w½ 12b15,50,029,020,5
3Rust Keith1861RSA 27w1 31b1 2w½ 12b1 5w1 1b0 6b½5,00,033,524,5
4Danisa Cyril1736RSA 20w1 17b1 1w1 5b0 16w1 8b0 13w15,00,033,023,0
5Moss Jason1653RSA 26w1 30b1 13w1 4w1 3b0 7b1 1w05,00,032,523,5
6PMZwakala Ntando2133RSA 14b1 18w1 40b1 -0 13w1 2b½ 3w½5,00,031,522,5
7Oliver Henry1710RSA 15b1 25w1 9b½ 8w½ 26b1 5w0 17b15,00,029,521,0
8Millard Chad1503RSA 34w1 42b1 12w1 7b½ -0 4w1 -04,50,031,022,5
9Du Preez Johannes1405RSA 38w1 47b1 7w½ 2b½ 1w0 27b1 10w½4,50,031,022,5
10Scharnick Leon1537RSA 57b1 -0 11w1 27b1 -0 21w1 9b½4,50,027,520,0
11Podmore Duncan1477RSA 23b½ 21w1 10b0 22w1 18b0 36w1 19w14,50,027,018,5
12Subke Jason1812RSA 22b1 16w1 8b0 3w0 15b1 28w1 2w04,00,031,523,0
13Zuma Mbusiswa1434RSA 44b1 43w1 5b0 20w1 6b0 14w1 4b04,00,028,020,5
14Gopaulsingh Nadean1237RSA 6w0 38b1 41w1 1b0 32w1 13b0 33w14,00,027,519,5
15Kippen Ryan1162RSA 7w0 19b1 47w1 16b0 12w0 23b1 25w14,00,026,519,0
16Khan John1286RSA 58b1 12b0 42w1 15w1 4b0 26w1 -04,00,026,019,0
17Nowbath Hemant1273RSA 51b1 4w0 -0 36b1 42w+ 24w1 7w04,00,025,518,5
18Msimango Senzo1361RSA 36w1 6b0 24w0 41b1 11w1 19b0 27w14,00,025,518,0
19Mkhaliphi Bandile597RSA 25b0 15w0 50b1 48w1 20b1 18w1 11b04,00,024,018,5
20Yusuf Zain1173RSA 4b0 45w1 43b1 13b0 19w0 44w1 28b14,00,022,515,5
21Govender Lesharn1056RSA 37w½ 11b0 35w+ 23b1 40w1 10b0 -03,50,027,019,0
22Kippen Robben1194RSA 12w0 35b1 36w½ 11b0 37w1 -0 26b13,50,025,017,5
23Msane Thabiso946RSA 11w½ 36b0 37b1 21w0 48b1 15w0 39w+3,50,024,017,0
24Thebe Andile1023RSA 33b1 40w0 18b1 28w1 2w0 17b0 -03,00,027,519,0
25Sibeko Musawenkosi1277RSA 19w1 7b0 34w1 26b0 33w1 -0 15b03,00,027,019,0
26Soojay Jorah1088RSA 5b0 58w1 53b1 25w1 7w0 16b0 22w03,00,025,519,0
27WCMMillard Charlotte1234RSA 3b0 50w1 44b1 10w0 47b1 9w0 18b03,00,024,518,0
28CMGovender Kaedan1269RSA 56w1 2b0 32w1 24b0 34w1 12b0 20w03,00,024,517,5
29Mazibuko Musawenkosi1032RSA -0 51w1 54b1 -0 -0 43w1 -03,00,024,017,5
30Ngwenya Phumlani1254RSA 52b1 5w0 -0 47b- 56b1 46w1 -03,00,023,517,0
31Nzama Cedric1360RSA 45b1 3w0 -0 -0 51b1 42w1 -03,00,023,516,5
32Seebran Nitesh887RSA 1b0 49w1 28b0 54w1 14b0 37w0 44b13,00,023,515,5
33Mathe Sinethemba960RSA 24w0 55b- 58b1 43w1 25b0 41w1 14b03,00,021,015,0
34Sibeko Thabani952RSA 8b0 52w1 25b0 53w1 28b0 -0 45w+3,00,020,513,5
35Gabriels Amro769RSA 40b0 22w0 21b- 51w0 50b1 53w1 52b+3,00,017,012,0
36Makhathini Xolani787RSA 18b0 23w1 22b½ 17w0 44b1 11b0 -02,50,025,018,5
37Rooplal Jiten845RSA 21b½ -0 23w0 57w1 22b0 32b1 -02,50,023,517,0
38Ndlamafa Khwezi864RSA 9b0 14w0 45b1 -0 52w1 39b½ -02,50,022,516,5
39Reddy Thacian1083RSA 2w0 -0 51b1 44w0 53b1 38w½ 23b-2,50,021,514,5
40Puran Ahdir1590RSA 35w1 24b1 6w0 -0 21b0 -0 -02,00,026,518,0
41Naidoo Yeshe858RSA 48b1 1w0 14b0 18w0 54b+ 33b0 -02,00,025,517,5
42Mdoda Olwethu960RSA 49b1 8w0 16b0 56w1 17b- 31b0 -02,00,025,018,0
43Charles Nonhlanhla862RSA 55w1 13b0 20w0 33b0 49w1 29b0 -02,00,023,516,5
44Khawula Welile878RSA 13w0 59b1 27w0 39b1 36w0 20b0 32w02,00,023,516,5
45Hadebe Thubelihle753RSA 31w0 20b0 38w0 46b0 -1 55w1 34b-2,00,022,016,5
46Zulu Michael899RSA -0 -0 -0 45w1 55b1 30b0 -02,00,022,015,5
47Sikhosana Lacey706RSA 50b1 9w0 15b0 30w+ 27w0 -0 -02,00,021,516,0
48Rooplal Jasveer949RSA 41w0 -0 52b1 19b0 23w0 49b1 -02,00,019,013,5
49Ngubane Yathandwa0RSA 42w0 32b0 -0 50w1 43b0 48w0 -12,00,016,512,5
50Mohamed Nureldin772RSA 47w0 27b0 19w0 49b0 35w0 58b+ 51b+2,00,016,011,5
51Dass Seth574RSA 17w0 29b0 39w0 35b1 31w0 52b½ 50w-1,50,524,017,5
52Masombuka Sipho0RSA 30w0 34b0 48w0 -1 38b0 51w½ 35w-1,50,520,014,0
53Masombuka Zukhanye0RSA -0 57w+ 26w0 34b0 39w0 35b0 55b-1,00,021,015,0
54Simpson Dominique0RSA -0 56b1 29w0 32b0 41w- -0 -01,00,021,014,5
55Msiya Nyaniso0RSA 43b0 33w+ -0 -0 46w0 45b0 53w-1,00,020,514,5
56Zwane Mbali522RSA 28b0 54w0 -1 42b0 30w0 -0 -01,00,020,013,5
57Kharwa Suleman967RSA 10w0 53b- -0 37b0 -0 -0 -00,00,020,013,5
58Ngcobo Pretty619RSA 16w0 26b0 33w0 -0 -0 50w- -00,00,018,012,5
59Govender Keniesha1080RSA -0 44w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,016,011,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)