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Arad Open 2010 - copii 8 ani

Last update 11.08.2010 10:45:16, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 11),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1IIMintau Andrei-CatalinROU548Cs Sig-Mar Sighetu Marmatiei
2IIOrga Felix-CosminROU503Cs Sig-Mar Sighetu Marmatiei
3IIIBucur MihaiROU466Cs Mediator Giarmata Vii
4IIIMujdar MilanROU426Cs Sig-Mar Sighetu Marmatiei
5Campean IuliaROU401Sc Vados Arad
6Horvath Darius-DusanROU401Cs Victoria Nadlac
7Jurj Andrei-GeorgeROU401Sc Vados Arad
8Jurj Diana-ElenaROU401Sc Vados Arad
9Panda Cristian-AlexandruROU401Sc Vados Arad
10Sodinca Iulia-CristianaROU401Sc Vados Arad
11Suhanski Patrik-AndreiROU401Cs Victoria Nadlac
12Tig TudorROU401Sc Vados Arad
13Tomoiaga Dragos-AndreiROU401Csu Agora Sc Oradea
14Tuduran Camelia-DianaROU401Sc Vados Arad
15Vadasan BogdanROU401SC Vados Arad