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Yinzhou Cup The 7the China-Russia Chess Match

Last update 09.08.2010 12:38:01, Creator/Last Upload: Chinesechessassociation

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. China (RtgAvg:2686, Captain: Ye Jiangchuan / TB1: 15,5 / TB2: 8)
1GMWang Hao2724CHN½1½½13,55
2GMWang Yue2716CHN11½½½3,55
3GMBu Xiangzhi2676CHN½11½145
4GMZhou Jianchao2668CHN½10½025
5GMNi Hua2645CHN½½½½½2,55
  2. Russia (RtgAvg:2692, Captain: Potkin Vladimir / TB1: 9,5 / TB2: 2)
1GMMalakhov Vladimir2732RUS½00½½1,55
2GMVitiugov N Kita2722RUS½0½½01,55
3GMTimofeev Artyom2690RUS½0½½12,55
4GMRublevsky S Rgei2688RUS½0½½½25
5GMPotkin Vladimir2626RUS0½1½025
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