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16th BNCF Monthly Chess Tournament & Akshayakalpa Grandprix Final Qualifier (Group A) Event Code: UKCA/G023/18

Last update 30.07.2018 17:42:35, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Player info

NameSamith Reddy I
Starting rank12
Rating national0
Rating international1367
Performance rating1509
FIDE rtg +/-21,4
Year of birth 2006


11238Bhavana V Shetty02,0w 1
21253Vinay Nadig03,0s 1
333Ganthimeri Akkisetty18825,0w ½
459Navodith V Bhat14474,5s 1
5311Theju K V14064,5w 0
667Venkatagiri Acharya14903,5s 1
7321Abhay B Bhandarkar12305,0w ½
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