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70. Pojedinacno prvenstvo Crne Gore

Last update 30.07.2018 18:56:02, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8GMDjukic Nikola922412MNE2562
3GMBlagojevic Dragisa900885MNE2465
9IMKalezic Blazo921815MNE2449
7IMDraskovic Luka944335MNE2444
4GMIvanovic Bozidar900095MNE2398
2FMTomic Aleksandar16501799MNE2347
12FMPecurica Milos944963MNE2329
1IMNikac Predrag908975MNE2311
10FMMusovic Armin939935MNE2300
5Kisic Bozidar16500350MNE2211
11Karisik Nenad943819MNE2208
6FMSukovic Andrej16502310MNE2203
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