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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 13

Last update 15.07.2018 19:36:16, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Gogia Armaan161Nottinghamshire
2Dharmasena Gavith138West Anglia
3Wang Susie138wNottinghamshire
4Cox Toby133Lincolnshire
5Kotecha Milly119wNorthamptonshire And Leicester
6Tatar Anthony117Cheshire West, North Wales And
7Mahmood Ihsaan108Teesside
8Parry Samuel A103Cheshire East And Manchester
9Hudson Frank97Cheshire East And Manchester
10Saram Nethuli Dunindee91wCheshire West, North Wales And
11Jativa-Calle Jonathan84Northumbria
12Johal Amrissa Kaur78wStaffordshire
13Knight Samuel78Barnet
14Westwood Kelan77Worcestershire
15Hartman James74Scotland East
16Hughes Gwilym68Pennine
17Paul Aishani68wTeesside
18Gazerani-Lopez Daniel48Northumbria
19Manoj Partheev45Northumbria
20Block Mikey0Northumbria
21Jepson Matthew0Northumbria
22Johnston Alexander0Northumbria
23Kustos Milan0Cheshire West, North Wales And
24Milling Thomas0Scotland West
25Mohan Alan0Northumbria
26Roberts Aneurin0South Yorkshire
27Smith Jude0South Yorkshire
28Twohig Tycho0Somerset
29Wain George0Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
30Wright-Crofts Samuel0Lincolnshire