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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 11 Boys Group B

Last update 15.07.2018 19:13:31, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Chen Daniel134Northamptonshire And Leicester
2Dharmasena Kian127West Anglia
3Benhamida Mohamid122Cheshire East And Manchester
4Mcclelland Declan113Cheshire West, North Wales And
5Chowdhury Hari108Wessex
6Supatan Denzel105Cheshire East And Manchester
7Burchett Samuel M92Cheshire West, North Wales And
8Boora Varnu Yajnavalki91Northumbria
9Rajiv Daniel91Northumbria
10Wilson Andrew90South Yorkshire
11Lv Jason89Northamptonshire And Leicester
12Heard Tom75Kent Tonbridge
13Mclaurin Murdo72Scotland West
14Fryer Charlie71North And West Yorkshire
15Skidmore Oliver61Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
16Woodfinden Ben59Cheshire West, North Wales And
17Hall Jack57Norfolk
18Burniston Ben48North And West Yorkshire
19Kandikattu Anirudh S47Northamptonshire And Leicester
20Whitehead Lucas33North And West Yorkshire
21Alexander Ryan26Worcestershire
22Wood Harry26Cheshire West, North Wales And
23Chalmers Rocco4Scotland East
24Bhati Vyom0Cheshire West, North Wales And
25Binsheraz Nuh0Pennine
26Chambers Sebastian0Teesside
27Davenport Charlie0Cheshire West, North Wales And
28Feng Jonathan0Scotland East
29Fordyce Jamie0Scotland East
30Jarrett Trayden0Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
31Magno Nathanael0North And West Yorkshire
32Mccarron Taylor0Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
33Sidaginamale Saisparsh0Teesside
34Smith Jason0Cheshire West, North Wales And
35Toft Kobi0North And West Yorkshire
36Subramanian Kaven0Scotland