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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 11 Boys Group A

Last update 15.07.2018 19:28:50, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Trivedi Aarnavh140West Anglia
2Pelling Kyle115Cheshire East And Manchester
3Rich Aaron109North And West Yorkshire
4Booth Adam108Pennine
5Lyall George102Norfolk
6Mooney Charlie95Northumbria
7Zheng Kevin92Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
8Surapaneni Rahul91Cheshire East And Manchester
9Mishra Amritansh90Pennine
10Sherchan Neo81Surrey East
11Brownlee-Jones Isaac74Staffordshire
12Hopkins Alexander72Richmond
13Carden Andrew66North And West Yorkshire
14Arend-Trujillo Benjamin61Northumbria
15Madhavan Sanjith60Scotland West
16Wood Gabriel55North And West Yorkshire
17Whittaker Fergus54Northumbria
18Raja Anish52Gloucestershire
19Bonam Harshith40Northumbria
20Bowman Felix32Cheshire West, North Wales And
21Schuchardt Thomas29South Wales
22Hudson Orlando25Cheshire East And Manchester
23Richardson Joey24Cheshire East And Manchester
24Beaton Matthew0Scotland East
25Boudjema Mohammad0North And West Yorkshire
26Calwell Christopher0Scotland East
27Clayton Ben0Teesside
28Downey Jones Taylor0Cheshire West, North Wales And
29Eley Daniel0Pennine
30Giritharan Krishan0Barnet
31Horrill Toby0Cheshire West, North Wales And
32Khan Zayd0Scotland West
33Moschopoulos Adam0Cheshire West, North Wales And
34Scott Harrison0Northumbria
35Syed Yusuf0Teesside
36Whitewood Lekdhen0Barnet