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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 10 Boys Group B

Last update 14.07.2018 19:35:40, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Pilowsky Bankirer Yoav117West Anglia
2Cox Lucian108Lincolnshire
3Carden Nicholas107North And West Yorkshire
4Agnihotri Akaash94Cheshire East And Manchester
5Jumani Bhuvan94Northumbria
6Wuytack Charles85Richmond
7Hunt Samuel82Cheshire East And Manchester
8Paulsen Zachery82Cheshire West, North Wales And
9Dantu Sridatta77South Wales
10Brown Charlie74Nottinghamshire
11Sandhu Zoravar72South Yorkshire
12Senthil Aarush65Barnet
13Gregson Owen59Cheshire East And Manchester
14Fazio Vincenzo49Northumbria
15Macmillan Alfred47Worcestershire
16Swinson Charlie42Staffordshire
17Walton George27Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
18Bhat Pranjal26Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
19Kumar Ishan S20Scotland East
20Batra Avanish0Teesside
21Bogdan Albert0Cheshire East And Manchester
22Byrne Max0Cheshire East And Manchester
23Dalgliesh James0Scotland East
24Dall Calum0Scotland East
25El Haddad Deen0Cheshire East And Manchester
26Faizal Fatih0Cheshire East And Manchester
27Gray Alex0Teesside
28Harvey Benjamin0Nottinghamshire
29Kamal Taufik0Northern Ireland
30Lancaster Ethan0Pennine
31Lusted Archibald0North And West Yorkshire
32Rohatgi Ishan0Scotland West
33Sellers William0Berkshire West
34Simmers Olly0Scotland East
35Simoes Pedro0Cheshire East And Manchester
36Vincent Samuel0Northumbria
37Xia Rong Sheng0Scotland West
38Yorke Oliver0Cheshire West, North Wales And