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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 9 Boys Group A

Last update 14.07.2018 19:01:36, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Kumar Ashvin119Cheshire West, North Wales And
2Pritchard-Jones Benedict86West Anglia
3Payne Lyege81Northumbria
4Newton Ben78Pennine
5Goldsmith Max73Cheshire West, North Wales And
6Chowdhury George69Wessex
7Golding James64Nottinghamshire
8Surapaneni Rohit62Cheshire East And Manchester
9Crook Ethan60Cheshire East And Manchester
10Karpanos Tommy56West Anglia
11Nalawade Aryan48Teesside
12Snader Solomon47Cheshire East And Manchester
13Paul Aditya38Teesside
14Kim Isaac34Suffolk
15Beirne James27Pennine
16Ashok Rohan11Barnet
17Kumar Siddhansh10Cheshire East And Manchester
18Braithwaite Cody0Teesside
19Campbell-Black Monty W0Worcestershire
20Challoner Ethan0Cheshire West, North Wales And
21Chen Martin Yaoming0Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
22Christie James0Cheshire West, North Wales And
23Crichton Jacob0Scotland East
24Flynn Ewan0Teesside
25Ford Izaak0Bristol
26Hamcherif Zakarya0Gloucestershire
27Idan Ittamar0Cheshire West, North Wales And
28Jackson Jamie0Scotland East
29Ly Joshua0Scotland East
30Matthews Kingsley0Cheshire East And Manchester
31Moroz Kai0Scotland East
32Patel Caelan0Cheshire East And Manchester
33Pulleyn Sam0North And West Yorkshire
34Scammell-Flavell Oliver0Cheshire West, North Wales And
35Seshadri Vishnu0Cheshire East And Manchester
36Shaktawat Shaurya0Cheshire East And Manchester
37Tickle Jack0Teesside
38West Dylan0Cheshire West, North Wales And
39Zomko Andy0Northumbria