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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 8 Boys

Last update 14.07.2018 19:16:34, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Vadgama Arjun90Warwickshire
2Correa Edward72Pennine
3Yang-Turner Fraser71North And West Yorkshire
4Ray Rion59Northamptonshire And Leicester
5Booth Leo56Pennine
6Freddy Aaron52Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
7Yang-Turner Spencer37North And West Yorkshire
8Merriman Max30Surrey Central
9Chan Lucas27Pennine
10Warcup Ross21Scotland East
11Green Zachary13Teesside
12Ahsan Usman0Cheshire East And Manchester
13Arend-Trujillo Sebastian0Northumbria
14Berry-Hendry Blake0North And West Yorkshire
15Coulman Noah0Teesside
16Dalgliesh Alexander0Scotland East
17Devarakonda Aryan0Cheshire East And Manchester
18Faizal Hamzah0Cheshire East And Manchester
19Fulton Ethan0Scotland West
20Girling Wyatt0Teesside
21Gordon Frederick0Scotland East
22Kippen Nathan0Cheshire West, North Wales And
23Kirwan Isaac0Cheshire West, North Wales And
24Krajci Patrik0South Yorkshire
25Lange Marton0Cheshire East And Manchester
26Macnamara Henry0Cheshire West, North Wales And
27Mills Ollie0Pennine
28Mohindra Arun0Northumbria
29Moynihan Dominic0Worcestershire
30O'callaghan Robert0Cumbria, Lancashire And Mersey
31Oliver George0Teesside
32Payne Harry0Cheshire West, North Wales And
33Pellegrinet Daniel0West Anglia
34Pipala Leon0Cheshire West, North Wales And
35Prasad Nevaan0Nottinghamshire
36Ram Sidharth0Staffordshire
37Upadhye Archit0Northumbria
38Wan David0Scotland East
39Wan Qiao0West Anglia
40Watson Ethan0North And West Yorkshire
41Wood Philip0North And West Yorkshire
42Wu Kaipo0Northumbria
43Xu Albert0West Anglia
44Yuan Derek0West Anglia