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TORRE BLANCA - Blitz de la Independecia - Julio 2018

Last update 10.07.2018 03:19:20, Creator/Last Upload: ai leandro

Starting rank

1Cabrera Pando Ramiro112062ARG2183
2Galarce Ruben112690ARG2092
3Axarlian Carlos115266ARG2091
4Dimitriu Cristian109932ARG2064
5Casado Andres150983ARG1918
6Pierucci Fabian110248ARG1918
7Galvan Christian145211ARG1897
8De La Fuente Walter177580ARG1824
9Alegre Eugenia172421ARG1667
10Goldwasser Jonathan176214ARG1660
11Sabajanes Joel185094ARG1458
12Sabajanes Amilcar185086ARG1444
13Arena RodrigoARG0
14Cabrera GastonARG0
15Loray Matias Joaquin174130ARG0