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35th National Under-15 Girls Chess Championship 2018- Kolkata AICF Event code:188627/WB/2018

Last update 25.07.2018 11:47:46, Creator/Last Upload: rajendra shidore

Player info

NameSavitha Shri B
Starting rank11
Rating national0
Rating international1742
Performance rating1598
FIDE rtg +/--62,0
Club/CityTamil Nadu
Year of birth 2007


11181Leaha B1242INDTamil Nadu5,5w 1
21048Yash Jyoti Bir1409INDWest Bengal6,5s ½
31544Prateeti Gorai1415INDWest Bengal5,5w 1
4958Marium Fatima1351INDBihar5,5s 1
5626WCMChinnam Vyshnavi1577INDAndhra Pradesh6,0w 1
632WFMSalonika Saina2113INDOdisha8,0s 0
7512WFMBommini Mounika Akshaya1734INDAndhra Pradesh7,5w ½
8724Sudipa Haldar1589INDWest Bengal8,0s 0
91542Isha Pritam Inamdar1420INDMaharashtra5,5w 1
10922Mehendi Sil1601INDWest Bengal7,0s 0
111545Khushi M Hombal1411INDKarnataka6,5w ½
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