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44th National Under-15 Open Chess Championship 2018- Kolkata AICF Event code:188626/WB/2018

Last update 25.07.2018 11:48:01, Creator/Last Upload: rajendra shidore

Player info

NameKoustav Chatterjee
Starting rank1
Rating national0
Rating international2383
Performance rating2209
FIDE rtg +/--13,0
Club/CityWest Bengal
Year of birth 2003


11125Aryan Bandyopadhyay1474INDWest Bengal5,0w 1
2170Sarthak Rawat1672INDUttarakhand6,0s 1
3134Hari R Chandran1863INDKerala6,0w 1
4117Mehta Naitik R1960INDGujarat7,0s 1
516Moksh Amit Doshi2261INDGujarat7,5w 1
613CMAronyak Ghosh2310INDWest Bengal8,5s ½
718Harshavardhan G B2194INDTamil Nadu7,5w 1
812Sankalp Gupta2341INDMaharashtra8,5s 0
9322Srihari L1927INDPondicherry8,5w ½
10312Soham Kamotra2065INDJammu Kashmir7,5s 1
1134CMKushagra Mohan2309INDTelangana8,5w 0
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