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JAQUE MATE (C.A.B.A.) -- Abierto de los Viernes III (2018)

Last update 04.08.2018 04:13:16, Creator/Last Upload: cajm-david

Starting rank

1Cancino David179663ARG2218
2Carcas Francisco170526ARG2104
3Ricconi Guillermo127256ARG1927
4Infran Marcelo109959ARG1870
5D Angiola Mario131733ARG1856
6Giannattasio DomingoARG1847
7Senen Londono Sebastian127361ARG1833
8Maidana Tomas179671ARG1815
9Alvarez DanielARG1808
10Fernández PabloARG1760
11Carballo Jorge108502ARG1664
12Beroldo Eduardo156442ARG1659
13Liboreiro Eduardo131776ARG1659
14Marinesco Tomas179680ARG1607
15Bosi Leonardo182141ARG1517
16Berruet JorgeARG1378
17Vasilyev Lev175153ARG1348