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2018 Rugby Junior Open Under 11 Group D

Last update 01.07.2018 19:53:58, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

1Javed Alee0 20w1 21b1 11b1 3w1 2w1
2Agrawal Ayan5 26b1 15w1 18b1 5w1 1b0
Agrawal Anay2 16w1 9b1 6w1 1b0 12w1
Agarwal Aarav0 23b1 5w0 24b1 13w1 7b1
Patwary Haytham0 12w1 4b1 10w1 2b0 9w1
6Ryskali Lailim0 13b1 19w1 3b0 22w½ 18b1
7Fapohunda Tobi17 9w0 25b1 14w1 8b1 4w0
Javed Zain0 27b1 11w0 20b1 7w0 22b1
Lewis Jai0 7b1 3w0 19b1 11w1 5b0
10Tan Eamon10 15b0 26w1 5b0 17w½ 23b1
Ansell Jenna7 25w1 8b1 1w0 9b0 16w½
Daly Alexander0 5b0 23w1 15b1 18w½ 3b0
Khan Rayyan0 6w0 16b1 21w1 4b0 14w½
King Tom0 18b0 27w1 7b0 20w1 13b½
Mistry Akshay0 10w1 2b0 12w0 25b½ 21w1
Patel Avnish0 3b0 13w0 27b1 24w1 11b½
Pattni Diya0 19b0 24w0 -1 10b½ 26w1
Singh Deepak0 14w1 22b1 2w0 12b½ 6w0
19D'sa Ethan0 17w1 6b0 9w0 21b0 25w1
Richards Kasia0 1b0 -1 8w0 14b0 24w1
Tan Ethan0 24b1 1w0 13b0 19w1 15b0
Syed Adeeb0 18w0 26b1 6b½ 8w0
23Patel Surya0 4w0 12b0 25w½ 27b1 10w0
24Kotecha Dylan0 21w0 17b1 4w0 16b0 20b0
Murthy Rishab0 11b0 7w0 23b½ 15w½ 19b0
Pal Rhea0 2w0 10b0 22w0 -1 17b0
Ryskali Khabiba0 8w0 14b0 16w0 23w0 -1
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