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Last update 26.06.2018 08:13:30, Creator/Last Upload: vugar gashimov chess academy

Starting rank

1Aliyev MuradAZE0
2Allahverdiyeva AliyeAZE0
3Amirov YusifAZE0
4Babaev CavansirAZE0
5Canelizade FidanAZE0
6Eli ElizadeAZE0
7Eliyev FarhadAZE0
8Elizade MehemmedAZE0
9Feyzulla AmirAZE0
10Hesenov MuradAZE0
11Hesenov TurabAZE0
12Karimov XalisAZE0
13Mammadov BabekAZE0
14Novruzova MahizerAZE0
15Oruclu OrucAZE0
16Rza AmirAZE0
17Rza AslanAZE0
18Samadov MuradAZE0
19Suleyman HamidAZE0
20Veli EliyevAZE0