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Torneo Interno POCC 2018

Last update 25.06.2018 00:15:16, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank

1Oquendo AbelPAN1945
2Rodriguez ManfredPAN1874
3Coma DorianPAN1867
4Lobo AntonioPAN1813
5Gonzalez PedroPAN1802
6Aguila JosePAN1739
7Hurtado SamuelPAN1546
8Vasquez AlexisPAN1497
9Sanchez JustoPAN1456
10Schnell SebastianPAN1153
11Lobo AlfredoPAN0
12Lobo MarianaPAN0
13Lobo MarielysPAN0
14Mondragon DarylisPAN0
15Obaldia MonicaPAN0
16Obaldia SebastianPAN0
17Sanchez Alvarenga MikaelaPAN0
18Sanchez Alvrenga JustoPAN0
19Ying JaimePAN0