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National Championship Finals 2

Darrera actualització21.07.2018 17:44:59, Creador/Darrera càrrega: maher musa

Llista del rànquing inicial

1FMTagelsir Abubaker12200875SUD22640
2FMAbdelazeez Mohamed Abdalla12202576SUD22090
3FMNadir Samir12200085SUD21610
5FMHassan Abubaker12201685SUD21150
8Mohamed Faisal12202606SUD20470
4Yaseir Kalbash Daleel12202010SUD20230
7Khalid El Amin12200174SUD20140
9Khalid Osman12201430SUD19890
6Zakaria Adam12204463SUD16040