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2018 North Wales Open

Last update 24.06.2018 19:54:07, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Jones Steven A419630ENG2222Basingstoke
2Willow Jonah B438804ENG2210West Nottingham
3Surtees Mike J412619ENG2167Great Lever
4Crocker Philip J403180ENG2109Chester
5Burnett Jim402273ENG2105Ecclesall
6Jameson David1801538WLS2064Colwyn Bay
7Paterson Andrew I435724ENG2020Kenilworth
8Mueller Jens16251016GER2008
9Taylor Mark V409243ENG1978Crowthorne
10Benson Paul J406678ENG1951Braille Chess Assoc
11Sciupokas Arunas12803693LTU1944Maggiris
12Shakespeare John1802348WLS1943Bangor
13De Coverly Roger D405213ENG1939Bourne End
14Hughes Colin J434027ENG1923Wallasey
15Burns Martin J420123ENG1921
16Hayward Philip20672870ENG1915Oxford City
17Carroll Thomas450111ENG1914Hoylake
18Whitehead Mark A406716ENG1913Rochdale
19Niedbal Piotr1158244POL1900Poland
20Brown Geoffrey M446416ENG1877Folkestone
21Gamble Raymond J406066ENG1874Derby
22CMMakkar Rajat36016810FRA1835Cannes Echecs
23WCMCamp Imogen A L1802240WLS1832Colwyn Bay
24Krupenko Peter14637162SLO1716Sk Trzin
25Gogia Armaan452203ENG1679West Nottingham