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Campionnat College de Cote-Plage 1ere Edition U12 Feminin

Last update 22.06.2018 15:06:15, Creator/Last Upload: ljmuller84

Starting rank list of players

3Amajuste SheldineHAI2007eme verte
2Charles Faina CarmaHAI2007eme Verte
1Damour Jess NeyssaHAI2007eme Bleue
4Delinois Jose LucieHAI2007eme Bleue
5Jean Yoletta NelaHAI2007eme Verte
6Juste FedjineHAI2007eme Verte
8Osselin Glory SlancaHAI2007eme Verte
7Regala KeniassaHAI2007eme Verte