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Torneo "Mes del Padre" Escuela Nacional de Ajedrez (Cesar Ruiz)

Last update 15.06.2018 01:35:48, Creator/Last Upload: chessecuador

Starting rank

1Nancy GuambyECU1400
2Reckles PcECU1400
3Cylene BravoECU1350
4Juan OrdoƱezECU1350
5Vargas NicloltECU1350Suc
6Bravo Bravo EdisonECU1300
7Malusin MiaECU1300Suc
8Morocho DafneECU1300Suc
9Cerezo DanielaECU1250Suc
10Elian BravoECU1200
11Vargas VictorECU1200
12Vargas DavidECU1100
13Vargas ValentinaECU1100Suc
14Arrobo KrisleyECU0
15Arrobo LeslieECU0
16Cueva AnaECU0
17Loor JohnECU0
18Mayor DanielaECU0
19Morocho HannahECU0
20Poma VictoriaECU0
21Poma EmilioECU0
22Torres ThonyaECU0
23Zhigue JeremyECU0