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ADCF - III Circuito Santos Populares 2018 Torneio S. Pedro

Last update 03.07.2018 01:49:03, Creator/Last Upload: fpxfaro

Starting rank list of players

5Libório Dinis João Sousa1943316POR186318630Adc Faro
1Barros Filipe Da Silva Sousa1928201POR175817580Adc Faro
6Sousa Carlos Nuno Gonçalves F1902741POR172617260Adc Faro
4Medeiros Diogo Cirino1961373POR163616360Adc Faro
2Soares João Pedro Cesteiro Ca1957961POR151115110Adc Faro
3Ramos Tomás Alberto Gonçalves1950517POR000Adc Faro