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3rd ICA Junior Open Chess Tournament, Event code :-UKCA/G017/18 Under 16 (Prize Rs 30000 Category: 3 Boys and 3 Girls Trophy plus Book ) call 8073421848

Last update 17.06.2018 11:53:11, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Starting rank

1Himanshu Rai25948172IND1266
2Adit Ajad Yarra25689967IND1249
3Rahuldev M46652256IND1169
4Thejas M U25699547IND1108
5Mohith V45080879IND1087
6Poorvi Adappa35058916IND1069
7Shiva Prasad M25633880IND1014
8ACMSarang Jagdish25690655IND0
9Bhanuteja AbburiIND0
10Rishabh Tankala45040184IND0
11Sambhram Gurunath MatturIND0
12Samvratha S Jain25964852IND0
13Sri Kaasyap Vepa25913522IND0
14Surya Sudhanshu KIND0
15Vignesh PalanirajanIND0