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Youth open Paracin, 09.-16.07.2010.

Last update 16.07.2010 12:58:52, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank

1IIBrankovic StefanSRB0Paracin
2IIMilojkovic MilosSRB0Paracin
3IIIBlagojevic NikolaSRB0Jagodina
4IIILazarevic MilijanaSRB0Jagodina
5IIIMilenkovic MatijaSRB0Paracin
6IIIMilenkovic MonikaSRB0Paracin
7IIIMilojkovic MiroslavSRB0Paracin
8IIINestorovic KatarinaSRB0Zemun
9IIIPeric LukaSRB0Jagodina
10IIIRakic NikolaSRB0Djurinac
11IIIRepanovic SlavisaSRB0Jagodina
12IIITodorovic MarijaSRB0Djurinac
13IIIVaskovic AndjelaSRB0Svojnovo