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VI Finalni kadetski GP Crveni Krst-GSS Nis 2018 M5-8

Last update 09.06.2018 15:09:30, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank list of players

2AIMCiric Pavle974641SRB1734D.Radovic
3Pavlovic Andrija979635SRB1730I.G.Kovacic
6Djuric Radivoje973270SRB1528R.Vukicevic
7Nedeljkovic Mladen972304SRB1438D.Radovic
5Spasic Damjan994251SRB1391Dr. Z.Djindjic
4Lukic Stefan977250SRB1389D.Radovic
1Veljkovic Lazar986585SRB1356C.Konstantin